As mentioned in today’s open, Duana and I were planning to skip this week’s Show Your Work because of Easter weekend but we, to borrow from Shonda Rhimes, wanted to lay some track. The work is the track. More on that later.

First up… this:

Beyond the fact that watching Reese preach at the paparazzi, we’re also watching Madeline Martha McKenzie of Monterey, and June Carter Cash, and Tracy Flick, and Elle Woods. And… of course…the work. Note that Reese isn’t telling the paps not to follow her or to respect her privacy. Rather she’s telling them to follow her – but safely. This is the Celebrity Ecosystem. She’s telling them how to make the ecosystem work so that they all survive. Right now, Duana could not be more in love with Reese Witherspoon.

And Duana says that I could not be more in love with Katy Perry. I…don’t know about “in love”. But Katy’s new interview with VOGUE definitely gave me something to think about. From the Katy Perry example though, we float a new hypothesis: do female popstars evolve more than male popstars? Because we expect them to? Do male popstars have the luxury of getting into a place and staying there?

Next, the Shonda Rhimes MasterClass. She’s teaching writing for television. Duana’s all over it. And so many other celebrities have their own MasterClasses, including Serena Williams, Steve Martin, Frank Gehry, Christina Aguilera, Gordon Ramsay, and more. We are fascinated by this celebrity master class movement – obviously because this is, literally, how they’re showing their work. But also… it’s also a de-mystification of their work. For a long time, the work used to be romanticised. Why are celebrities taking the “magic” out of the work in order to get to the “magic” of the work? Which celebrities refuse to do it?

Finally, in this installment of Do We Need To Care About… money? Of course. We all care about money. Celebrities care a LOT about money. But celebrities can also be so f-cking sh-t at money. There was a great gossipy article recently in New York Magazine about “The A-List Accountant Who Tries to Keep Celebrities From Going Broke”. The stories she tells about the behaviour of some of her clients are hilarious but also outrageous. These people are goddamn fools. It’s not just celebrities though. What’s the point of the work when you don’t protect the rewards of your work? Why do so many celebrities keep messing with their money? And are you as obsessed with it as we are?

Show Your Work, the Easter mini-egg edition, we hope you enjoy it. Thank you as always for your tweets and emails and for the work experiences you share with us.

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