Love this so much.

As mentioned earlier in the Jeremy Renner article, The Social Network was named Best Film last week by both the National Board of Review and the Washington DC Film Critics Association. Both organisations also honoured David Fincher for Best Director and Aaron Sorkin for Best Screenplay (adapted). Jesse Eisenberg took Best Actor from the NBR. But, if you’ve seen the film, you know that there are also very strong performances from the supporting cast including Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer, both of whom are also said to be contenders for nominations in their own right. Max Minghella was terrific too.

But despite the fact that Eisenberg’s performance is not the only standout in the film, The Social Network, on two occasions now, keeps getting overlooked for Best Ensemble in favour of The Town. That’s incongruous to me. Because if you call it the best movie, with the best director, and the best writing, and the best lead, how come the cast isn’t the best too?

What’s the problem?

Is the Pipsqueak the problem?

Is Pipsqueak a bigger problem than Blake Lively? And can we infer then, based on these critics’ choices, that Blake Lively is a better actor?

Blake Lively who mumbles her way through entire scenes?

I would have to agree.

In the proverbial battle between sh-t and diarrhoea, Blake is better. And therefore sh-t, but not diarrhoea.

But... maybe they should date. You know she’s looking for a higher profile boyfriend. And for him, there’s probably a lot more swagger to be had from nailing Blake over Shelfy. It’s kinda perfect, non?

I am ALL OVER THIS. Now that’s a campaign I could get behind: Blake and Pips = True Love.

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