The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 recap

I love that everyone’s reaction to Andrea being captured by the Governor was, “Ugh, whatever, she deserves it.” Andrea has had about a hundred chances to get away from the Governor, either by killing him or just switching sides and rejoining Rick & Co., but she is so terminally stupid she never did anything and now she is facing her inevitable and ugly end. I feel like I ought to be disturbed on some feminist level that everyone is so welcoming of Andrea’s death, because she’s going to be killed by her father/lover*, but honestly, she’s just so f*cking stupid that I have no patience or sympathy for her anymore.

*The Governor represents, to Andrea, both protection and a traditional patriarchal society, thus he becomes the father figure she lost when Dale died. And also they’re f*cking. Jung would be all over it.


Rick is going to give up Michonne. Daryl is not down. But he still goes along. Because he’s a total beta. He’s never going to go against Rick and/or his brother.

Merle is shredding prison mattresses looking for someone’s dope store. Typical Merle.

Michael Rooker is killing this monologue. “I’m a damn mystery to me.” Merle is such a difficult character but he’s the first antagonist within the group that can actually go toe to toe with Rick. Shane was too much of a loose cannon and too obviously doomed by his jealousy of Rick, but Merle? He hasn’t seen Rick since Atlanta but he still gets Rick better than anyone else. If Herschel represents Rick’s remaining humanity, Merle is his worst case scenario.

Carl and Maggie are chumming the zombies while Daryl, Glenn and Michonne snag some barbed wire form the yard. I love that Michonne uses the chance to casually kill a couple zombies. She’s like, doo-do-doo, walking in the park, slaying some zombies.

They want to string the barbed wire across the road to prevent the Governor’s group from driving up to their perimeter again. Daryl points out that it was Michonne’s idea. Season three has been very frustrating, but Daryl getting to expand his role has been one of the positives. Note for season four: MORE DARYL.

(OMG what if Daryl dies?!)

Merle seems genuinely shocked by how the members of the group have changed, and by the possibility that he could change, too.

Meanwhile, Daryl is having a hard time with the group’s (read: Glenn) continued distrust and dislike of his brother. But Glenn makes a good point—even in the zombie apocalypse, Merle is kind of beyond the pale.

But Merle makes a great rejoinder—Rick giving Michonne up isn’t really that different than Merle delivering Glenn and Maggie to the Governor. I mean…it’s not.

Okay, this whole argument between Darly and Merle—teamwork versus antagonizing in the zombie apocalypse—is great, and these are the characters to have it, but unfortunately, we’ve already heard it a bunch of times this season.

People who are probably doomed by the end of the season: Andrea (duh), Herschel, Luna Lovegood (because what does she really do?), Carol and/or Baby Judith, Merle, Michonne, Maggie (no one gets to be happy in the zombie apocalypse).


Just as Hershel is like, “I can’t risk my daughters” Rick is all, “Never mind, I can’t sacrifice Michonne.”

Merle! What are you doing?! Luring Michonne off and knocking her out!

I guess he’s going to make sure she gets to the Governor, since he doesn’t think Rick will go through with it (which, obviously, he’s not).

Michonne is also like, “Yeah, Rick never would have given me up.”

Daryl goes after them alone. He’s finally picking a side—Rick’s. Because he’s family too. Aww.


Glenn wants to marry Maggie. So yeah, one of them is definitely doomed. Or maybe both. Either way, it will be a short marriage.

Merle jacks a car with its own antenna. The zombie apocalypse turns everyone into Macgyver.

He also sets off the car alarm which attracts a zombie horde. Naturally.

Michonne, even tied up, manages to be a total badass and kill zombies with her bare hands (and feet).

How has there not been a clown zombie yet?

Man. When Michonne talks, she SAYS SH*T. She cuts straight through Merle.

You guys. Glenn pulls Maggie’s ring off a godd*mn zombie.

Yeah, why is Merle so loyal to the Governor? He made Merle kill 16 people!

So Michonne’s psychoanalysis worked. Merle let her go.
I’m still stuck on Glenn ring shopping among the zombie horde.

Daryl goes after Merle, who found him some hooch. I guess drinking and driving matters a lot less in the zombie apocalypse.

Blasting music, Merle leads zombies to the meet site with the Governor. While the Governor’s people are occupied with the zombies, Merle picks them off. And yet he still gets beset by the Governor. WHO BITES OFF HIS FINGERS.

And that’s the end of Merle.

Back to the B plot of the world’s grossest proposal. I hope Glenn washed the zombie goo off the ring.


This whole conversation boils down to “Rick =/= the Governor”.

Luna Lovegood is like, “I need some alone time,” after Rick is done speaking.

Zombie Merle!

Norman Reedus is a really ugly crier. But a good actor—he totally nails Daryl killing Zombie Merle.

Status Check:
Rick – Exactly the person we always thought (wasted plot).
Michonne – Ready to participate.
Glenn – Romantic, I guess?
Daryl – Fratricidal.

Worst thing seen/heard this week: There are a lot of options, but I’ll go with the end of Zombie Merle.
Zombie kill of the week: Michonne ties herself—curb-stomping and garroting zombies.