The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3 recap

I got some questions about why Norman Reedus being forty-three was a big deal, and it’s because he doesn’t look a day over thirty-two, tops. I was shocked to find out he’s so much older than I thought. But it’s not just me, right? Daryl reads as younger than Rick (Andrew Lincoln is 39), right?

Getting into episode three. A helicopter! So Rick wasn’t hallucinating back in the pilot, there really is some semblance of the military still in existence. Although this chopper and its crew are about to be not in existence, as they are being shot down. Andrea and Michonne see the smoke from the crash and go to investigate.

I like how pretty much every background shot in the show now incorporates a zombie or two staggering around. They’re just part of the scenery now.

Andrea is still dying of the plague or whatever.

Michonne’s pet zombies are f*cking gross.

…But not as gross as the chopper dude that got cut in half.

Strangers show up as Michonne is investigating the crash. This is our introduction to the good citizens of Woodbury and their leader, the Governor. Michonne’s pet zombies start fussing, threatening to give them away, so she beheads them (umm, ankle biters?!). But it’s too late, they’re discovered by MERLE! (Daryl’s long-lost, one-handed brother, in case you’ve forgotten.)

Andrea and Merle catch up about the fate of the original group from season one. Merle has settled into a frightening kind of controlled rage. The way his eyes spark when Rick is mentioned… There was a plot point I heard about at the end of season one that seemed to be tabled because of a couple decisions that have been made since, but now I wonder if it’s not back on.

The Governor has to inform Andrea and Michonne of the fact that regardless of being bitten, every dead person turns into a zombie. I love how friendly the Governor is, as played by British actor David Morrissey (Dr. Who fans know him as the Other Doctor). It just makes the foreshadowing so much more frightening.

More beautiful lighting done in “dark” scenes. I can think of some shows with consistent darkness issues (ahem, CSI) that could take a page.

Is anyone else nervous about Andrea and the Governor? She has a way of siding with the wrong people in a fight. But Michonne’s natural wariness might help in this situation. Andrea wouldn’t listen to Dale, but she seems to have a steadier relationship with Michonne, more of a real partnership. And hopefully, she’s learned from the whole Shane thing that if she thinks someone is worth following, they’re probably not.

Exploring Woodbury during daylight. It’s a cute little town, if patrolled by a band of psychopaths.

The Governor chats with the soldier, Wells, that survived. There was a camp the Army was in charge of before it was overrun, in a scenario that sounds pretty much exactly like the plot of 28 Days Later, but whatever. Despite his apparent sincerity, I don’t quite trust the Governor when he says, “If there are any survivors, I’ll bring them in.” Then again, I’ve read the comics.

The Governor has a squirrely nerd type doing an autopsy on Michonne’s pets. The Governor identifies them as Michonne’s camouflage, a means of keeping a low profile—by keeping the zombies close, other zombies won’t detect Michonne’s presence. And it worked, until she had to decapitate them. Also, the Governor needs “tea” brewed by the nerd. Foreshadowing!

On the nerd’s suggestion, he and the Governor talk to Andrea and Michonne again, instead of letting Merle do it. This is a talk-heavy episode, but every conversation is so loaded with double meaning and foreshadowing, it remains interesting. It’s also the first time we’re seeing Woodbury, though. If every Woodbury episode is like this, it will get old. Guaranteed.

And here we go, Andrea’s inevitable BAD F*CKING DECISION MAKING, making a BAD F*CKING DECISION. Of course she wants to stay in Woodbury. Of course she’s doubting Michonne’s instinct that something is rotten in Denmark. Of course Andrea is going to be the one that f*cks everything up.

The Governor hooks up with the soldiers Wells told him about. And of course the soldiers are ambushed and killed for their weapons. SEE ANDREA? SEE WHO YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH?

I haven’t picked up on the nerdy doctor type’s name yet, but I’m going to call him Mengele. I’m getting a real “creepy dude who probably likes vivisecting things” vibe from him.

The Governor lies about how the other soldiers died, blaming it on zombies because they didn’t have the walls that Woodbury does, which proves what a natural politician he is. Also he never tells anyone his real name. Which Andrea finds appealing, somehow, because she’s a F*CKING DUMB*SS with the WORST INSTINCTS in the world. JFC is she going to deserve it whenever she eventually dies. (That’s not a spoiler, I don’t know her fate, except that she’s too stupid to live.)

The Governor reflects alone in his room, surrounded by tanks filled with zombie heads, including Michonne’s jawless buddies and Wells. Well he’s a winner.

Status check:
Officer Rick – Off-screen, being a badass, I’m sure.
Horrible Lori – Also off-screen, undoubtedly still horrible.
The Governor – SCARY.
Merle – Alive! And PISSED OFF AT RICK.
Andrea – USELESS.
Michonne – Suspicious of the Governor, only sensible person in the episode.

Worst thing seen/heard this episode: Tie between the Governor’s head collection and the bisected chopper dude.

Zombie kill of the week: Michonne with the katana to the head times two.