The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 recap.

The Walking Dead is back just in time for February sweeps! When we left off Rick & Co. were wrecking havoc in Woodbury, Michonne put out the Governor’s eye, Glenn was being a f*cking badass, and Daryl and Merle were reunited in the Zombie Thunderdome. Oh, and Andrea sucks and everyone hates her. So she’s going to die soon.

Zombie Thunderdome!

Andrea’s all “the Governor is a crazy jackass? Who knew?” EVERYONE BUT YOU, ANDREA.

Of course these hillbillies bring zombies into the brother-on-brother action.

The Norman Reedus Gun Show is open for business.

Rick & Co. to the rescue! Except, um, they kind of killed a kid in the melee.

The Governor is so pissed he’s slow-walking with intent. This is not exactly how I pictured the Governor, but JFC, David Morse is chilling when he sets his mind to it.

Rick’s all, “Merle? Ain’t no way,” and Merle’s like, “Dude, not the time.”

Zombies sneaking into Woodbury. Which, given how they treat zombies like adorable bitey gladiators, is an eventuality they are not prepared for. Even stupid Andrea knows they don’t have the proper respect for how awful zombies can actually be.

Merle is not getting the group dynamic. He thinks he’s still dealing with them as they were when they first coalesced in Atlanta. He isn’t seeing the differences yet. I mean, he did tell the Governor he didn’t think it was possible to survive on the road, yet Rick & Co. have done just that. So maybe he should just shut up and be glad Glenn didn’t shoot him on first sight.

Rick’s method of dealing with Merle: knock him the f*ck out.

Telling: Daryl doesn’t exactly protest Rick’s treatment of Merle.

Holy cow, this chick with Tyrese’s group in the prison is gorgeous.

Just to get a handle on how bad things can get for these people, Tyrese’s group went from twenty-five to four. Cripes.

Oh here’s the moment. Arguing about who gets to go back to the prison (so far, Merle and Michonne are out), Rick pushes Daryl to choose sides. Daryl chooses Merle. Rick is honestly disappointed, but is also kind of panicking about the loss of skill in his group. I’m not that surprised, but it still sucks.

Inevitable question: How many times will Merle nearly get Daryl killed before he realizes Merle is not worth following?

Tyrese has a mutiny—a couple of his people want to ambush the group while Rick & Co. are away. So those two will end up dead at some point.

Glenn is a little…post-traumatic…about this truck zombie.

He’s also like, super pissed at Rick for 1) not killing the Governor and 2) letting Daryl go. He is right about one thing—they are up to their necks in sh*t.

Woodbury is going to pieces. Andrea is trying to help. They’re doomed.

Zombie attack inside Woodbury! Which they’ve never seen before, so the Governor killing the dude who got bit is super shocking.

Oh look, Carl is trying to act.

Carol takes the news of Daryl’s departure hard. Which is creepy.

Why is Andrea so surprised the Governor hid Glenn and Maggie from her? How is she this stupid?

Oh-HO. Luna Lovegood has a crush on Rick, I think.

Seriously, this chick with Tyrese is SO PRETTY.

Tyrese’s group gets their first look at Rick. Easily the most effective shot of the episode so far. Says everything about how far his character has come and his status within the group.

Um…Rick sort of looks like he could shake the baby to death, right?

Ugh, back at Woodbury. I hate Woodbury. I’d rather see Merle and Daryl in the woods killing squirrels or something.

These townspeople are all terrible actors.

“They will write about Woodbury.” Yeah, but not for “perseverance” Andrea. Not for perseverance.

Aww, Glenn and Herschel moment. Remember when Herschel hated all these people?

I have questions about when and how these people bathe.

The pretty girl’s name is Sasha. Noted.

Rick is not having this “taking on new people” thing. Herschel talks him down. Even Carl is looking a little judgy.

Seriously, Rick is falling apart. He needs like, A LOT of sleep.

It’s weird vision time! Is that Lori? Is Lori haunting him? Is she managing to be horrible even from the grave?

Worst thing seen/heard this week: Glenn stomping the zombie to death, I guess. Pretty tame episode this week.

Zombie kill of the week: Glenn to the head with a boot.

Attached -- cast of The Walking Dead at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last week.