The Walking Dead kicks off its sixth season this Sunday with a ninety minute episode, which I won’t be recapping. I’m not going to do weekly recaps of The Walking Dead this season, because even though this show is capable of producing some outstanding episodes, as a whole it just isn’t going anywhere. After five seasons we’ve settled into a cycle of run, try to make a home somewhere, Rick goes crazy, everything blows up, run, rinse, repeat. There’s too much good TV these days to watch a show spin its wheels, no matter how stylish the spin. So instead of weekly recaps we’ll check in on The Walking Dead every few episodes to see what’s going on, and I’ll be doing weekly recaps of Fargo starting next week.

Season six picks back up at the settlement in Alexandria, with Rick on the brink of yet another nervous breakdown. The twist in the season five finale was that Morgan (Lennie James, FINALLY joining the cast) showed up just in time to see Rick at his worst, killing people and enforcing the Ricktatorship. Morgan will undoubtedly try to save Rick from himself, the way that Rick saved Morgan in the stellar season three episode “Clear”, which is a neat-ish setup. There’s also the vague threat of the “wolves”, the zombie-baiting human-trappers we saw toward the end of the season. The Walking Dead is inching toward another great villain from the comics, Negan, and the Wolves feel like a precursor to his arrival. The question for season six is whether or not the show can shake up the formula and stick around one location for longer than a season and a half.

I haven’t entirely given up on The Walking Dead—there is some interesting stuff coming down the pipe—but I don’t have a lot of faith that these developments will break the show out of its narrative rut. Here are my predictions for season six, which I’ll update the next time we get together to talk Walking Dead.

  •  Rick will eventually be kicked out of Alexandria
  •  Carl will stay behind, because he is the worst
  •  Deanna will turn out to be another Governor type
  •  Someone from GREATM will die
  •  Maggie and/or Glenn will die
  •  Sasha will die because no one knows what to do with her
  •  Carl will not die, because we are not that lucky
  •  Daryl and/or Glenn and/or Maggie will end up alone outside the walls with the  Wolves to provide a season-long B plot
  • The Wolves will attack Alexandria, and the group will beg Rick to come back  and save them
  •  Rick will come back and be restored as the Ricktator
  •  Despite moving to Virginia, the settings will continue to look suspiciously like  the same woods in Georgia

Attached - Norman Reedus on The Tonight Show last night.