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The Walking Dead bait and switch

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 5, 2018 14:45:01 November 5, 2018 14:45:01
Jackson Lee Davis/ AMC

SPOILERS FOR RICK GRIMES I quit watching The Walking Dead a few years ago and I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO QUIT A SHOW. I regularly lose interest in long-running TV shows—I like for things to end, eventually—but I have never felt the palpable RELIEF I felt after quitting The Walking Dead. Full Story

Andrew Lincoln taps out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at May 30, 2018 16:06:36 May 30, 2018 16:06:36
Jason LaVeris/ Getty Images

The Walking Dead has been on forever, at this point, and over the last decade it’s been one of the most popular shows on television. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but eventually I had to jump off the misery carousel as seasons ran together with a lack of significant development in plot or character. Full Story

The Walking Dead: I Quit

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 24, 2016 13:46:19 October 24, 2016 13:46:19
Barry King/ Getty Images

SPOILERS The producers behind The Walking Dead spent all summer promising that the arrival of the villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would be a reset for the show, which is tacitly admitting that something had gone wrong and they needed a big new character to drive the show back on track. Full Story

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The Walking Dead 6.16: “Eenie, meenie, miney, moe”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 4, 2016 11:58:37 April 4, 2016 11:58:37

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 16 recap SPOILERS. SERIOUSLY. The Walking Dead is The Revenant of TV. It’s constructed to make you feel smart, without requiring you to be smart. Like The Revenant, it has a high level of technical proficiency, and it’s chock-full of the kind of stylish, weird imagery that distracts you from its hollow core. Full Story

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The Walking Dead 6.13-15: “Sometimes you have to”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 28, 2016 12:54:06 March 28, 2016 12:54:06

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episodes 13-15 recap We’re down to the last episodes before the ninety-minute finale of The Walking Dead, season six, and besides an Obligatory Secondary Character Death and the penultimate episode’s Cliffhanger You Know Won’t Amount To Anything, not a lot happens. Full Story

The Walking Dead 6.10-12: The Next World

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 7, 2016 14:06:46 March 7, 2016 14:06:46

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episodes 10-12 recap  SPOILERS Coming back from the mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead made a very good decision—we jump ahead a few weeks in the timeline. The single-day format of the first half of the season was a grind, and though this set of three episodes still has a lot of filler, at least the pacing is better. Full Story

Valentine’s Day on The Walking Dead:

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 15, 2016 12:29:17 February 15, 2016 12:29:17
Wenn, Derek Storm/ Janet Mayer/ Splash News

Spoilers, Obviously The Walking Dead returned from its mid-season hiatus, picking up right where it left off with Alexandria still under zombie-siege and Rick & Co. split up. We start with a promising stand-off between Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, and a group of men who invoke for the first time the name “Negan”, the comic book villain who probably won’t even show up until the very end of the season (just in time to kill Glenn, I bet you anything). Full Story

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The Rickator returns

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 30, 2015 14:03:55 November 30, 2015 14:03:55

SPOILERS So my predictions are halfway skewed because Rick was never banished from Alexandria, but the endgame is in effect—Rick is now in total control of Alexandria. The first half of The Walking Dead season six ends with Rick organizing an effort to save Alexandria after zombies overrun the city because the Alexandrians are really bad at Jenga. Full Story

The Walking Dead wimps out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 23, 2015 17:32:12 November 23, 2015 17:32:12

SPOILERS So after putting Glenn in a seemingly inescapable situation and doing everything possible to make it seem like he died, The Walking Dead did not kill off a major popular character after all. The show that is known for killing characters all the time yet somehow has never actually killed off a fan favorite failed to kill off the fan favorite. Full Story

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Doubt Rick and die

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 2, 2015 13:47:06 November 2, 2015 13:47:06

SPOILERS Four episodes into the sixth season of The Walking Dead and this show has never been more frustrating. At its best, Dead can produce top-notch television for a few hours at a time, but it can’t sustain momentum because the show has no narrative focus. The closest thing we have to a purpose to this show is the ongoing debate over whether or not there is any room for humanity, compassion, or kindness in a zombie apocalypse. Full Story