Remember when some silly random rumour went around about Alex Pettyfer confirming the coveted part of Four in Divergent? It will not be Alex Pettyfer.

It will be Theo James.

You may know him as Mr Pamuk from Season 1 of Downton Abbey whose body they had to drag down the hall. Or if you watch Golden Boy on CBS. He replaced Ryan Phillippe as the lead. And now...

He is Four.

On appearance?

The face?


Build too.

James is listed at 6 ft 1 which...they're always listed at least 2 inches over so let's say, generously, that's he's just under 6 ft. Shailene Woodley is listed at 5 ft 7 and a half. So we'll give her 5 ft 6's obviously too tall for how Tris is described in Divergent but that gives us a minimum 5 inch difference between the characters. Enough?

For Four and Theo James, I'm ok with it. For Tris and Woodley, like many of you, I still have some reservations. Part of the reason why Dauntless initiation was so tough on Tris -- and that's pretty much the entire story -- is because of her size. She is weak physically, and very obviously, not as strong as the other initiates. Shailene isn't exactly diminutive, you know?

Then again, Jennifer Lawrence didn't starve herself to play a hungry, impoverished Katniss Everdeen. So maybe the acting can transcend appearance, even if appearance seems, at least to me, more critical in this story, especially in the scenes when Tris gets the sh-t kicked out of her.

In fairness to Woodley though, she is in my mind who Tris becomes after training. She is Tris in simulation. She is Insurgent Tris. And when I imagine her now sitting with James on a ferris wheel, I don't totally hate it.


Ps Theo James is 28. I mean...he has a young face, sure, but by the time they finish the series, if the books maintain their timeline, he'll be 32 or so, if not more. Better stay out of the sun...