Has there ever been a case before where one celebrity had the best magazine cover, art installation, and boyfriend in all of Hollywood at the same time? Because that’s what Tilda Swinton is pulling off right now, and she’s making it look way too easy.

Here she is pictured out in NY, appearing both in love and like a quintessentially chic member of the Avant-guard. I’m not someone who has a knack for really “getting” fashion, but when you look at the way she’s dressed, the kind of message she’s communicating with that coat and that haircut, it’s impossible not to be moved by the power of styling. Then there’s her man who, while probably not everyone’s type, is objectively sexy, rocking a perfect beard and more than 10 years younger than her.

Where I’m really jealous of Tilda though, is when it comes to her art. She’s got an exhibit on at MoMa right now and what does her work consist of there? Taking a f-cking nap! She’s set up some kind of glass box where she just sleeps for as long as she wants while tourists stare at her. To be honest, that kind of art feels just a little 2000 and late to me, but if all she has to do is sleep while the most renowned museum in North America applauds her, she’s doing something extremely right, no?

She’s also on the new cover of W, dressed as some kind of androgynous-future-nurse. The whole spread is really spectacular and worth checking out. If you’re looking for something to calm your jealousy, skip to the picture where she had to wear centipedes as facial hair.

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