This one’s for Sarah, Marisela, and all you fans of Justified -- first look at Timothy Olyphant shooting This Is Where I Leave You, the film adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s wonderfully hilarious book. Please read this. Maybe after you read his How To Talk To A Widower which is also really, really funny and heartbreaking. I really don’t know why Tropper isn’t a more celebrated author. I love him. And I love the cast for this movie.

Duana wrote about it here a couple of months ago after Tina Fey and Connie Britton had been cast. Olyphant plays Horry whose story is connected to Fey’s. They had dreams in high school. She moved on and he couldn’ you can see from his wardrobe.

Please let this one be good. And let it come out soon.

*written for Amanda who needs a distraction today.