Lainey and I were talking the other night about Daniel Radcliffe, during his SNL hosting.  Between the sense of humour he clearly has about himself and the Parade interview he gave recently where he so obviously gets that you can’t really go ‘up’ from Harry Potter (not in notoriety, box office, sheer workdays), I realized – he’s gonna be FINE.

Because there are things that matter to him outside of the business, and he has a life he likes.  And that’s what spells how successful and happy you are.

That is, and ever will be, the case with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Don’t worry, I’m not going to deluge you with more “Bossypants” gospel, but seriously.  The two of them may continue to have super successful hits on the same night or they may have years of unemployment  but, at the risk of being super, super cheesy, they will continue to be there for each other long after the fame shine goes away.   

And it’s so ironic.  Because this is how you succeed: don’t freak out every time someone doesn’t like you, or you hit a bump in the road; just keep going forward.  Have your babies, do whatever, keep looking forward.  It’s so GOOPy, but maybe not untrue, that having a friend who’s going through your same stuff makes you more able to just laugh at all of it.  I mean, they’re busy women,  they’re working hard, but you think there aren’t nights when they just gmail chat about how ridiculous all this sh-t is and plan to trade dresses that the designers sent to them?

It would be so easy for the friendship not to be OK.  For one to be jealous of the other’s ratings or book deals or husbands or whatever.  But they’ve put it in place so honestly – this is the long haul, these two – that you know it can’t be shaken.  And, as per Tina, she’ll never let herself believe they’re competing with each other anyway.  (Also, one of the things I love about Parks and Recreation is how consistently Leslie Knope believes her friend Ann Perkins can do no wrong.  It’s great.)

It’s weird that I get all this from one photobomb gif, right?  Isn’t it weirder that you know I’m right?