Miss Tina had a great weekend. Her daughter Beyoncé and son-in-law Jay Z campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio. Then they went back to New York for Saturday Night Live to support her other daughter, Solange as she gave her first performance on the show.


Soo proud of my baby on SNL. Right now❤️

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How cute is this ?

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By the way, Jay was at SNL too as shown to us by Leslie Jones who posted a shot of herself backstage with him. Just in case anyone was wondering if there are still issues between him and Solange after The Elevator, although, to be fair, not long after that incident they made a point of showing us that they all do spend time together.

But that doesn't mean The Elevator isn't still a sensitive issue. Yesterday Tina posted this shot on Instagram:

It's Solange. With her son. And Jay. In an Elevator. Tina quickly deleted it. But, as we know, the internet is forever. Maybe there are other reasons for pulling it down. Maybe it was an accident. But it's also not a stretch to wonder if she pulled it down because, well, Solange and Jay in an elevator is a loaded visual. And so much has happened since then. Since then it's been all good, all high, no stains.

What made me laugh though is that even Beyoncé, the supernatural Beyoncé, isn't immune to her own Oh My God, Mom! moments. I have a moment like that every single day.