I don’t want it to get old, I don’t want us to stop laughing at the fact that they call themselves the Wolf Pack, that sometimes, when they are all together, they break out in spontaneous howl, led by Leonardo Dicaprio. Still?

According to Page Six Leonardo’s position as Alpha Wolf is being threatened…by one of his own, by one of his closest friends, Tobey Maguire. Tobey, as you know, was married to Jennifer Meyer after 9 years. Apparently she’d had enough of that. And now he’s single, he’s just bought a $13 million dollar home and supposedly wants to turn into the new Wolf Pack headquarters:

On Thursday night, a spy said, Maguire — a former member of DiCaprio’s ’90s-era “p - ssy posse” — was holding court at celebrity favorite Catch LA and looked “f - cked up.”

And, LA sources say, now that DiCaprio’s busy with his latest model girlfriend, Nina Agdal, the alpha-wolf role could be up for grabs in his crew.

“The ‘wolf pack’ [is] now using Tobey as Leo,” said the spy, “now that Leo’s out of the picture with a girlfriend.”

You know how people roll their eyes and get shady over Taylor Swift’s “squad”? Can we please apply equal disdain to this f-cking Wolf Pack? Which is probably much worse, considering their attitudes towards women and the misogyny perpetuated by their pack code?

As for whether or not Tobey’s really staging a coup, if he is, I’m not sure it’s working. Leo was in Edinburgh last week and was seen touring the area with Kevin Connolly and the ever-faithful Lukas Haas. It’s standard Wolf Pack procedure: the Alpha Wolf is never alone, everyone takes turns flanking him. And given that Leo is always going to have the bigger profile and the better itinerary – trips to exotic lands, on private planes – how would it benefit the pack to recognise a new leader in Tobey with a reputation for being a sore loser, a lousy tipper, and aggressively cheap? Leo’s Alpha position is likely secure. But it is interesting that someone among them is trying to drive a wedge between him and one of his longest serving beta wolves.