Damn. Look at KatE Cruise workin’ that carpet. She is spectacular! Clearly lessons with Posh have paid off, only Katie, like all clever pupils, has managed to inject her own warmth and sass into Posh’s plastic pose. Even the Posh Bob looks better on the understudy. Bet your concrete tits Mrs Beckham is not happy about that.

But Katie Holmes cannot be denied. And she owned it last night at Cipriani at the gala to honour Tom Cruise by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

Love the midnight blue dress, and the belt, and the makeup, and her flat chest, and her toned (but not too toned) arms, and check out that nose. That’s an incredible nose!

It’s just too bad about the shoes… and that troll standing next to her.

Perhaps it’s the height thing – limits her options? Because those uninspired open toes do absolutely nothing. I would have gone with a sky high closed toe option myself. Then again, my husband doesn’t wear lifts.

Nor does has he mastered the art of the Presentation. Here we go! Tom Cruise presenting Katie Holmes!

My wife is young and hot…therefore I am virile and not gay! Praise Thetan, ah-Xenu!

Photos from Splash