Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. Have they ever posed together before? I’m sure they’ve been in the same room. But standing side by side before a wall of photographers…

If it’s not a first, it’s definitely a rare.

Tom was the “surprise” final presenter last night at the BAFTAs for Best Picture. He was also a presenter last year. Because he seems to spend more time in London than he does in LA now. Here’s my favourite shot of him from this appearance:

It’s very James Bond, non?

Leo lovers have been talking alllll season about how he’s been “snubbed” so many times. How he’s overdue. To me this is a ridiculous argument. Here are the four actors who won the Oscar all the previous times that Leo’s been nominated:

Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
Forest Whitaker, The Last King Of Scotland
Jamie Foxx, Ray
Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive

Show me the snub. Show it to me.

As for being overdue…

Look at these two next to each other. I mean if we’re talking about who’s overdue, and personal lives and dating models and Pussy Posses aren’t supposed to factor into the discussion, and “performance only” is the criteria, you could totally make the argument that Tom Cruise is overdue too. And he’s 12 years older, although they kinda look about the same age here, non?