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Everyone is against Maverick

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 3, 2020 19:58:47 February 3, 2020 19:58:47
YouTube/ Paramount Pictures

Maverick: Legend of the Skies (aka Top Gun: Maverick, the lesser title) had a spot during the Super Bowl that shows off heavy breathing and everyone being Out To Get Maverick (Legend of the Skies). We see more of that amazing flight footage while getting voice-over from Miles Teller as Gosling (that is not his name or call sign in the movie BUT IT SHOULD BE) saying he will not believe in Maverick (legend of the skies), and there is Jon Hamm threatening to have him court-martialed, and other dialogue about how people think Maverick (Legend of the Skies) is a total piece of sh-t now. Full Story

Maverick is the boss now

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 16, 2019 18:02:10 December 16, 2019 18:02:10

Maverick: Legend of the Skies (AKA Top Gun: Maverick, a boring title) is probably going to be one of the biggest movies of summer 2020. I say “probably” only because this past summer was so f-cking dicey for everyone not named Disney, I am no longer confident in people showing up for movies that aren’t about superheroes. Full Story

Tom Cruise at the Fashion Awards 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 3, 2019 15:04:46 December 3, 2019 15:04:46
David M Benett/ Gareth Cattermole/ Lia Toby/ BFC/ Darren Gerrish/ John Phillips/

Not the face you expected at the Fashion Awards in London, right? It’s not really Tom Cruise’s usual environment. But he was there, presumably, because Giorgio Armani was honoured with the Outstanding Achievement Award. We’ll get to Mr Armani later.  Tom has been wearing Mr Armani’s suits for years. Full Story

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Top Gun: the nostalgia 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 19, 2019 14:08:17 July 19, 2019 14:08:17

We are doing two posts on Top Gun today, one from Sarah and one from me. Because it was the other trailer release, along with Cats, that people were freaking out about yesterday on social media. I watched the Top Gun trailer within minutes of it dropping and before I watched Cats. This was a good decision; after watching Cats, I had to go back to Top Gun for a cleanse. Full Story

Tom Cruise on his birthday

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 3, 2019 16:38:03 July 3, 2019 16:38:03

Today is Tom Cruise’s birthday, he’s 57 years old. He’s spending it where he’s most comfortable, the only place he calls home: on set. Here he is in LA continuing work on Top Gun: Maverick. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Tom – and whenever we do see him these days it’s when he’s shooting. Full Story

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dear Gossips,

As Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media yesterday, for whatever bizarre reason, Justin Bieber tweet-challenged Tom Cruise to a fight on Sunday which was enough to get the whole internet wondering why JB was randomly thinking about getting Tom Cruise into the octagon.  Read Full Intro

Bella, the Auditor

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 27, 2019 14:14:23 March 27, 2019 14:14:23
David M. Benett/ Getty Images

Last we heard of Tom Cruise he was working on Top Gun: Maverick which isn’t due out until July 2020. As we’ve seen over the last decade or so, Tom will emerge for a few weeks to promote a movie but otherwise stays deep undercover working and, well, Scientologising. He doesn’t talk much about the Church of Scientology in public these days but word is, when he’s not on set, he reportedly spends a lot of time at Scientology headquarters doing… I don’t really know how to finish that sentence. Full Story

Tom Cruise at an award show you’ve never heard of

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 31, 2019 21:59:04 January 31, 2019 21:59:04
Michael Kovac/ Leon Bennett/ Getty Images

As proof that are more award shows than you could ever possibly know of or care about, Tom Cruise made an appearance at the Lumiere Awards this week. Isn’t that a French award show, you ask, like the Golden Globes to the French Oscar, the César? No, that’s the Lumières Award. Full Story

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