Edge Of Tomorrow comes out tomorrow. Have you seen the reviews? They’re really quite positive. And even the ones that aren’t positive aren’t mega sh-t either. Someone who works in the industry said to me that even though people are wary of his Xenu association, there is an undeniable amount of goodwill in Hollywood for Tom Cruise. He’s very supportive of directors. He’s great with the crew, has always been generous and respectful of those he considers his “movie family”. This is a guy who doesn’t ever let them feel like he doesn’t have to work as hard as he does. And for those who are pulling cable and rigging lights and driving sh-t around all day, it means a lot. You know, as long as he doesn’t tell them that Xenu helps him levitate.

What do we expect from the Edge Of Tomorrow box office? For sure, he’ll make his money overseas. His popularity outside of North America certainly hasn’t diminished as much as it has here. During an interview with Kimmel this week, he talked about how he was the first to push for international premieres and press tours. Like, he “invented” it. True or false?

Actually…I think true. I do remember him being the first, or at least one of the first, to be flying all over the place stunting for his movies. He’s kind of a movie nerd that way when you listen to him talking about it. Note that he knows exactly how much Top Gun grossed in its first weekend. And how he talks about how things “used to be” – movies in theatres for a year and not the way it works now. They pull features so quickly, the word of mouth factor has an entirely different effect. We were just discussing this re: Tom Cruise a couple of weeks ago – it’s almost like he got grandfathered. Are movie stars in general, real MOVIE STARS, getting grandfathered? Angelina Jolie made a great case for movie stars last weekend. If Edge Of Tomorrow delivers, if it makes some money, will we be having a conversation about the Comeback of the Movie Star?

This morning, I was with Jordy, our Key Hair on The Social, watching Cruise on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon throwing footballs at their own faces. At the end of the video, Jordy made a point that stayed with me:

He’s always such a “good sport”.

Isn’t he?