Tom Cruise is “for real”

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 19, 2012 21:10:38 December 19, 2012 21:10:38

Tom Cruise was on Jimmy Fallon last night. They had a water fight. And he talked, again, about go-carting and motorcycles. It was better than the night before on Letterman, slightly, but Top Gun is still, these days, painfully uncool, “for real”.

You know those commercials when they dress some dork up in a suit and he comes upon the cool kids all like, hey, yo, what’s up in the hizzy and I’m down with the bros?

Cringe, right? You cringe.

This is Tom Cruise. Every time he’d lose a card or fall behind in the game, it was “for real?” He must have dropped at least 10 “for real?”s in 3 minutes, like it’s something his son Connor says a lot and there’s old dad trying to kick it with the youth.

Why haven’t he and Demi Moore found each other yet?

In fairness, it’s fun to watch them get soaked and giggle. John Travolta might be jealous.

Then again, Demi doesn’t exactly fit the profile of a Tom Cruise potential wife. Word is he may be auditioning a new one. According to the UK Sun a new candidate has emerged: Malin Ackerman’s sister Jennifer. The two were talking at a party in Stockholm last week - click here to see photos - and now you know her name. See below for some photos of Jennifer Ackerman earlier this year. She doesn’t seem like a girl who minds the attention, or the rumours, does she?

FayesVision /WENN, Theo Wargo / Getty Images

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