Is apparently dancing. He dances a lot. He dances like your uncle at the wedding. Now that he’s single, the dancing is his go-to move.

According to IN TOUCH Weekly, Tom Cruise is now seeing a NY restaurant manager called Cynthia Jorge. She boldly handed him her card and he called right away, inviting her out to a club the next night where he kept her on the dance floor with his salsa and then ground his pelvis into her all Patrick Swayze styles...


Picture Tom Cruise doing it and it’s gross, right?

There’s a reason we don’t hear stories about George Clooney grinding up his girls at the disco. It’s because he doesn’t. Because he knows. It would be gross.

Why is this so hard for Tom Cruise to understand?

As for whether or not this hookup is legit, being that it’s IN TOUCH, Gossip Cop says Tom was actually rubbing up on several women that night and that Cynthia Jorge has not been singled out for auditing to determine Scientology suitability. The NY Daily News also reports that there’s nothing happening between them, but they published several photos of her anyway. Click here to see. Because of the story, Jorge was asked to not come into work yesterday. Jesus, one spin on a dance floor with Tom and it could cost her her job -- he’s becoming a public hazard. Can’t they just grow a wife for him inside the Church??? Perhaps for the next generation. I wonder if that’s not already a programme they’ve started: breeding specifically for their prophets, children raised in hopes of being chosen as brides for the descendants of Miscavige and Cruise...

Chills, chills, chills!

Anyway, all this talk of Tom and the salsa and the ballroom reminded me of this. OMG remember this???


Also, it’s always a good time to post this: