The photo call and presser for Mad Max: Fury Road happened in Cannes this morning. Click here to read my review from yesterday. I have no doubt the audience at the Palais would have loved it. Like I wrote yesterday, the movie is straight up, balls out mental. Half the time your eyes are bulging and your mouth is open, you’re so stimulated you might not pick up on the fact that Mad Max is not actually the star…

Furiosa is the star.

Here she is, Charlize Theron, in fringed leather, getting ready for opening weekend. Have you heard about the Men’s Rights Activists losing their minds over how awesome she is in the movie? Bitching that they’ve been conned into seeing a “guy flick” and subjected to “feminist propaganda” instead? Because Furiosa gets to make decisions. And talk. And disagree with Max. Which, apparently, is not in line with “American culture”. Well now they’ve offended feminists AND Australia.

Anyway, the misogynists are calling for a Mad Max boycott. Doesn’t that just make you want to go see it even more? See it for the gorgeous close-ups on Tom Hardy (who looked HOT today, non?). Stay for the way Furiosa makes you pump your fist. And be surprised by Nicholas Hoult too.