99% of the world freaks out over babies. Some people of the world freak out over dogs. Tom Hardy has managed to make all of the people of the world freak out because tonight in London at the premiere of Legend, he and wife Charlotte showed up with a baby bump and ….his dog Woody!

We’re going to talk about Woody.

Because Woody famewhored this red carpet… AS HE SHOULD. I have two dogs. One of them, Marcus, the older, is like me – he hates people. So he would not be the baller that Woody is at this event, cockblocking all the cameras from the actors. My other dog, Barney, is pathetic. Barney has no courage. He talks a big game but when it comes time for the real, he’ll take off before anyone else. Barney would not be able to handle this situation the way Woody is handling it, so chill, such a boss.

I like this attitude. Because oftentimes, when people have pets and then a child comes, the pet gets ignored. You know who you are. Woody is clearly sending a message that he won’t be #2 for anyone. That said, given Tom Hardy’s obvious and demonstrative love of dogs, I don’t worry about this.

Tom is expected in Toronto to promote Legend at TIFF. I feel like Woody has already let him know that he wants to come. And should.