Sarah messaged me right when I was coming off The Social this afternoon OMGing about the new Mad Max trailer. I pressed play as soon as I got back to my desk and wrote her back: Holy sh-t. HOLY SH-T.

This is the best looking and best sounding trailer I’ve seen in…years.

Now just to go back for a minute to the Sony email leaks – it was widely reported that production on Mad Max was troubled. Money, delays, etc. Imagine what those Warner Bros emails would have looked like back then?

But worth it, if this trailer is any indication.

I’m not a nerd for special effects but even I’m losing my sh-t on the aesthetics alone. We already saw those beautiful multicolour explosions from the teaser that they revealed at Comic-Con – click here for a refresher. This time, in addition to those violent floral bursts against the sand, we have …

Cloud tunnels. Cloud walls. Cloud blankets.

So much sand. So much more effective sand than George Lucas.


Orchestral sand! Charlize’s frustration screams on the orchestral sand!

How about those war drums on what looks like some sort of battleship? How about Nicholas Hoult’s f-cked up mouth? What a lovely day indeed.

And when Tom Hardy (at least I think it’s him) swings from that pole while it’s mounted on top of a jeep during a high speed desert chase, suddenly I’m down with an action sequence…and I’m far from an action movie person.

But it would be nothing without the charismatic lead, right?

This is Mad Max. You need an actor who will be all of Mad Max. The glare, the stare, the brawn, the badass. You need that face, he doesn’t have to say much, who will shift his eyes when asked about his name, and all the dudes in their seats, they’ll shake their heads, and all the girls in their seats they’ll rub their legs. Probably some of the dudes too.

Tom Hardy Mad Max is coming for us this summer. Now I have to go spend some with my Tom Hardy(ish) porn star.