It always makes the internet happy when there are new photos of Tom Hardy with a dog. The internet is telling me that the world might need some happiness today because of the cash money crisis that’s happening over in China. Also, it’s been a while since we’ve had new pictures of Tom. With the dog is bonus. Here he is the other day walking his dog in London. Looks like Cass, the dog he was trying to find a home for when he was filming The Drop in New York a couple of years ago. I love that he loves dogs. And he really, really loves dogs. He talks about dogs all the time. Click here if you haven’t read Vanity Fair’s An Oral History Of Tom Hardy’s Love Of Dogs. Some people are just wired to understand dogs better than others. I’m married to one of them. And I’m convinced part of it is smell. I swear Jacek has some kind of stink that dogs find irresistible. Every dog wants to go home with him. Tom Hardy is probably the same, although I’ve been close enough to Tom Hardy to smell him and he smells good.

We should be seeing more of Tom soon as Legend comes out in a few weeks. Legend will also be screening at TIFF next month. Not confirmed yet if Tom will be in Toronto but since he’s basically the main event for the film and it’s a gala presentation, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t show up. TIFF media screenings begin this week. I’m headed to one this morning at 10am. There are a couple of articles that will go up after this one and then I’ll continue blogging when I get back.