The first trailer for Kong: Skull Island was shown at Comic-Con. And I think it was well-received. People seem pretty excited about the special effects and the sound effects (it is indeed very loud) and the glimpses of King Kong who is ENORMOUS.

I can’t, however, offer any agreement or disagreement on any of that because I’m too distracted by the lighting of Tom Hiddleston. You remember Kristen Stewart in Snow White? How beautifully shot she was in that movie which made sense in hindsight because Rupert Sanders may or may not have been in love with her? This is what’s happening here in the Kong: Skull Island trailer. Tom Hiddleston has borrowed Mariah Carey’s personal director lens (she used this exclusively on herself when she directed her Christmas movie last year). He is glorious in every frame. Except maybe the first time he shows up, right at the 0:23 mark when he gives us the most earnestly Boy Scout Pollyanna expression I’ve seen in decades.

I sat in my house and laughed for an hour on Saturday night watching and rewinding that. Then I spent another several minutes shouting at my laptop because, at the 1:15 mark, WHY IS HE SHOOTING WHEN BRIE LARSON IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM????

On the subject of Brie Larson

She was officially confirmed at Comic-Con to be the new Captain Marvel. Sarah wrote about this a few weeks ago and as she pointed out then, Carol Danvers is a veteran pilot, has a lot of military experience, and has the credentials to shush Captain America. Brie Larson is 27 years old. It was an opportunity to actually hire a woman who isn’t in her 20s. Evidently, they decided not to.

Attached - Tom and Brie at Comic-Con for Kong: Skull Island.