If you Twi-Harded him like Cameron Diaz.

This is Tom Hiddleston leaving ITV studios in London today after an interview during which he was asked about his sex symbol status and women throwing themselves at him:

''With sexiest, it's a subjective thing. It's alarming when attention comes your way. 'It might be when I die my hair black, and wear white make-up, leather and metal, there's a particular vibe going on there.''

True. I too was attracted to Tom Hiddleston in our interview for The Avengers when he sat across from me, long legs in jeans, under a leather jacket. It really sucks about the Twitter.

Tom is currently participating in an initiative called Living Below The Line. His goal is to live on only a pound a day for five days. He explained:

''The challenge is to subsist on £1 a day for food and drink so obviously I'm not living in extreme poverty. It's really simply to raise awareness and compassion for those one billion children and their mothers and fathers who live through that every day of their lives.''

OK. That might make up for the Twitter. What can you get for a pound? A banana and an apple? An apple and a slice of cheese? Are you allowed to start with a full water bottle that you can fill at the tap? Is he calling Kate Bosworth for advice?