Gucci is having a GREAT year. I could give you several examples of why this is, with a long list of celebrities who’ve been all about Gucci in 2016. But you only need one name: Beyoncé, the Formation video.

The latest celebrity to rep Gucci is Tom Hiddleston. He is the face and body of Gucci’s new Cruise ready-to-wear collection, co-starring in the campaign with a pack of afghan hounds. It’s true – Tom wears a suit very, very well. But it’s also true that his profile has never, ever been higher. And, well, you can thank someone else for that. Her name is Taylor Swift. And Tom Hiddleston will be benefitting from their association for long, long time. So remember that when you keep sh-tting on her for whatever role it was that you think she played in the hype around their relationship.

Anyway, yes, he looks great in these suits. My favourite is the jacket over jeans and striped socks worn with boxer-style boots and white laces:

I’m curious to see if men in mary-janes will be an actual thing on the streets, especially with white socks. I mean, f-ck, I want these tricked out horseshoe mary-janes. Do they come in women sizes?

But how about a pyjama-piped suit and the loafers with the fur? You know the rest – the whole club was lookin’ at…

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