Tom Hiddleston in Australia this weekend having lunch at his favourite café, The Social. That’s a good name, but I’m biased. Wish we could get a better shot of what he’s eating. Is it a salad? I love eating alone. With my laptop or a good book, it’s the best. I’m heading out of town on Friday and I can’t wait to eat alone that night after the flight. I’ve already planned the book I’m bringing to dinner (The Mothers by Brit Bennett). It’s going to be at least a two hour meal, all by myself, so exciting. As you can see, Tom seems to be enjoying a similar experience. Ask him what he’s reading on his laptop and it would probably be something super wordy and intellectual. Or memorising sonnets. Wouldn’t it be great though if he admitted to googling himself on Saturday mornings?

Anyway, Tom, as you know, has been in Australia working on Thor 3 for the last couple of months. He’s expected to be there well into November. And then…? Oh come on. You know what you want the “and then” to be. In service of good gossip you want “and then” to be the rebirth of Swoki. It’s not impossible, OK? They’re still following each other on Instagram. In these times, that’s a beacon of hope.