Tom Hiddleston, Serious Actor, attended the Met Gala in white tie and tails, looking every inch a dapper English gentleman. It was a bad idea to have me write this right after seeing Captain America: Civil War because it creates an approximate two hour vortex where nothing else matters. Hiddles is enjoying a good run right now, with The Night Manager doing brisk business on AMC and High-Rise showcasing an outstanding performance. Plus there are all those James Bond rumors so I’m sure he won’t mind at all about being supplanted by Daniel Brühl’s Zemo as the best Marvel villain because Zemo’s got f*cking follow-through.

Of course, it’s back to the Marvel well this summer for Hiddleston, as he’ll be shooting Thor: Ragnarok which is not Black Panther. When is it time for Black Panther? Can it just be that time now? I’m sure Thor and Loki are fine in space, we don’t need to see that. Let’s just make Black Panther instead. But Tom Hiddleston! He’s very tall! He looks extra leggy in his extremely well fitted tuxedo. He looks kind of spidery. Like a spider man. Who is adorable, by the way. Lots of people are going to be eating their “I don’t care about a third Spider-Man” words. Anyway, Tom Hiddleston is still A Very Handsome Man who is two-thirds legs who looks good in a suit and my Civil War review is currently over four thousand words long.