Taylor Swift was photographed in New York yesterday heading to the gym. She’s not yet been papped today, at least not in New York. But will she be papped in New York today? Or will it be LA? Tom Hiddleston was seen on a flight out of Australia yesterday, presumably heading to Los Angeles where he’ll be campaigning for an Emmy for his role in The Night Manager. In addition to the SAG-AFTRA talk that he’s attending on Friday, he’ll also be participating in a Facebook interview with the LA Times. The voting period for the Emmys begins on Monday. So it would appear that these events have been strategically timed. The Emmy voting period concludes on August 29th. Ideally then, for him, and for his campaign team, between now and the end of voting, the goal is to avoid drama. Well that should be easy. He’s dating someone who’s really good at avoiding drama, on and offline.

Speaking of online, Tom joined Instagram yesterday with this post:


He's back!

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As of this morning she is not following him. And he’s not following her but he WAS following her for a short while yesterday. I f-cking wish I screengrabbed it at the time but I am a stupid c-nt and didn’t. I just checked with our coordinator Emily and she saw it too though so… he followed her and then unfollowed her and now he’s not following anyone and… 


What it means to Robert Downey Jr is an opportunity to publically troll his Marvel teammate.


Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram! @twhiddleston

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RDJ is that dick of a big brother who relentlessly mocks his younger siblings at every opportunity. And that includes red carpet interviews and appearances on talk shows. Don’t think he won’t, the next time he’s on Kimmel or something, find a way to make a joke about Tom’s Rhode Island tank top.