Tom Hiddleston was in Pasadena on the weekend for the Winter TCA to promote The Night Manager. The series begins on AMC and the BBC in April. He looks really good in that leather jacket.

Late last year, the tabloids reported that Tom and Elizabeth Olsen had broken up because…f-ck… I don’t know, it was a tabloid report and it wasn’t true anyway so do we need to go into why? Tom started shooting Kong: Skull Island in Hawaii in the fall. The cast and crew hung out a lot. Some of those pictures have been showing up on Instagram, including this collage, originally posted by the director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and re-grammed by others (thanks Adrienne!):


✌✌✌ #Repost @voteroberts ・・・ Missing my weird family. Get out to Australia already.

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Here it is again if it gets taken down:

You can see Lizzie in a few of the pictures. And that’s Brie Larson too, who’s the female lead on the movie. Lizzie’s had some time off for a few months and she doesn’t have her next project confirmed yet until she starts promoting Captain America: Civil War. So they’ve had time together. And were still together when the tabloids called it over.