Of course he does.

We all agree that he totally wants to be a super famous star, right? I mean, I like the guy, but you can’t overlook his, um, eagerness. It’s what you like or don’t like about him—the Try is either annoying or adorable, like a puppy humping your leg for attention, depending on your tolerance. But taking on The Crow? That’s next-level Want. Transcendent Try. Extra-curricular eager. That’s a move that says, I’m not content with just fame. I want Fame.

A remake of The Crow is increasingly inevitable, and as much as I’m opposed to it based on both my love for the 1994 original starring Brandon Lee and the creepy curse-vibes the franchise emanates, too many people want to tackle it for it to sit on a shelf forever. And the last couple years has seen real, concerted effort from Relativity to get a remake together, cycling through potential Dravens like Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper and maybe or maybe not James McAvoy, and now, according to The Wrap, they’ve entered into talks with Hiddleston. At least Hiddleston, legit talented and possessing solid range, is a better choice than Wahlberg and BCoop.

And the nerd community is excited by the prospect. I was a little surprised, actually, given that The Crow has like, near-religious status in certain circles, but the worst thing I heard about the prospect of Hiddleston donning the white makeup was that, if they’re going to insist on remaking it, he’s actually a good choice. A lot of people, including the most hardcore Crow worshipers I know, were pretty stoked on the idea, even, declaring him “perfect” for the part.

Which means that for all his eager-beaver ways and the sometimes off-putting levels of Try Hiddleston can reach, that if The Crow Redux is any kind of good at all, his try-hard ways will be rewarded with exactly the level of success he’s after. I’m not sure why he’s in such a hurry to begin with—if anyone can afford to take a little time it’s Hiddleston, with all that talent at his back—but he’s got the reputation, he’s got the franchise, and now he very likely has the big splashy part that will seal the deal.

They’re saying Hiddleston submitted a homemade “makeup test” to the producers as part of his bid to land the job (and let’s take a moment to appreciate that he did at least contain his campaigning to backchannel efforts. At least he wasn’t on his knees on a red carpet, begging for it, like so many of his peers have done for lesser roles). Someone please throw that sh*t up on Youtube for the rest of us to enjoy. You know it’s bound to be unintentionally hilarious.

(Lainey: here’s Hiddleston at the Movie Awards last week when he took so long to thank people I thought he thought  he was performing Shakespeare.)