The last trailer of Tomorrowland—now subtitled “A Place Beyond”—failed to elucidate the plot. But there is a new trailer which finally gives us a little information as to what this movie is about: Grumpy George Clooney and a Girl are going to save the future. Or an alternate dimension. Or both. I’m still not sure if they’re time travelling or dimension hopping. (Both?) The Girl officially has a name, Casey, and the basic plot is that Casey is somehow going to save the future by going to Tomorrowland, which looks suspiciously like concept art for a revamped Tomorrowland in the Disney theme parks. I’ve been told that the movie is not based on the theme park attraction, but I think someone is lying to me. The wide shot of Future City Place clearly shows Space Mountain in the background.

Anyway, I continue to like the look of this movie. I LOVE the bathtub rocket thing—that’s exactly the sort of thing a kid would dream up. That feels really imaginative and not cribbed from something else. I’m not sure about the “only you can save the future” stuff because I’m sick to death of the Chosen One narrative, but I like that the protagonist is a science geek girl. Especially since Jurassic World has done away with that concept—remember how Jurassic Park starred a science geek girl who was useful while her brother was the lame one always needing to be rescued?—it’s nice to have a science geek girl in a major summer movie for a new generation of potential science geek girls. And it cracks me up that Chairman George has reached the “grumpy old man” phase of his career. I’m still on board with Tomorrowland, even though I do think it’s subliminally trying to get me to buy tickets to Disneyworld.