Do you watch black-ish? It’s one of the shows I have on auto-record on my PVR. And I will always watch black-ish on a plane. There have been times while watching black-ish on a plane that I’ve embarrassed myself and guffawed out loud. I think it was the episode where Bow goes all out to impress some old friends and makes a fool of herself until the end when she performs a tracheotomy on the kitchen counter. Tracee Ellis Ross is amazing. She’s AMAZING. Her face and expression was my favourite part of Jacob Tremblay’s acceptance speech last night. Start at the one minute mark below.

God I love her.

And I loved her sleeves last night. And those earrings. And of course the joke. Right off the top of the show, as she and Anthony Anderson came out to present, they took a shot at the Oscars.

Traci: "Yes that's true, so if you're nominated tonight, give yourself a round of applause. You could go on to win an Oscar."

Anthony: "Yeah for you, Tracee, that means only half of you will get to go to that show."

Traci: "Yes, you didn't get that. I'm mixed."

Jada Pinkett Smith has suggested that the answer to the whole Oscar whiteness situation might be for actors to boycott the Oscars altogether. Because you know the Academy will be sending out invitations to presenters as a way to compensate for the disappointment. Tracee told reporters on the carpet that she wasn’t planning on going anyway because TV people aren’t invited. But is a boycott the answer?

Oscar weekend is a working weekend. You go to network…for work. So depriving actors from opportunities to secure work going forward might not be a viable solution either. And let’s say the ratings go down this year for the Oscars hosted by Chris Rock. You know what that headline looks like the next day. Like he shouldn’t have to wear that either.