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Sasha, I know this might sound out of touch, but could you find me a jean dungaroo? Dont judge. V


You know who does a mean dungaree?  Alexa Chung.  I mean if you need any fashion inspiration –she’s your girl.  And yup, of course, she’s designed her very own!  Look at her collab with AG jeans here (1).

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses

The dungaree silhouette definitely makes for a cute look and if you want to up that cute factor and at the same time tap into your inner flower child then this (2) MSGM one is the perfect pick .

I know I’m supposed to be looking for you V, but sh-t dude, I couldn’t help it.  On my search I found this Zara one (3) so I beat your ass to it and bought it.  Sorry not sorry.

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses

Now V, if you’re looking less for a pencil and more along the lines of fuller skirt on the bottom….I got you.  Take a look at this one over at Missguided (4).

Patchwork is a real big trend in denim and if you’re a fan of that style then peep your peepers right here (5).

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses

If you’re still looking for some more flare then prints are the way to go and boy oh boy have I found you a slew of styles.  Get clicking here (6), here (7)...

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses


…here (8) and here (9).

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses

Finally I know you said you only wanted denim but I couldn’t help myself…Click away and some styles that are wee bit more refined – get clickin here (10), here (11) and here (12). 

Sasha Finds: Dungaree Dresses


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