Last week we all read Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s amazing profile of Tom Hiddleston. In it, T-Hidds is the most! Excited! Person! And he just! Can’t! Stop! Sharing!!! Lainey assessed Hiddles’ Try as not the “uncool cool” of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Lady Gaga, but as the uncool-uncool of, well, a TryHard. (The difference between TryHard and an “uncool cool” person is the desired result. A TryHard cares that you like THEM, an uncool cool person only cares that you like their work.) Another friend of mine, though, said she thinks we’re on the cusp of Tom Hiddleston’s “Sad Keanu” moment. Like give it a few months and Hiddles will be sad-eating sad sandwiches all by his sad self. I don’t know about that. Keanu Reeves is a deep river with a smooth surface. I’m not sure Tom Hiddleston is all that deep. But if he does have an existential breakdown, what would it even look like? Morosely reciting Shakespeare to himself in the London rain?

Anyway, here is TryHard Tom at the BAFTAs on Sunday, where he presented Best Film—to La La Land—along with Noomi Rapace. Lainey was SO IRKED that he was handing out the biggest prize of the night. But thanks to Taylor Swift, and now Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Hiddleston is enjoying his highest profile ever. He’s coming off a successful TV run—and looking for that TV BAFTA—and he’s got Kong: Skull Island out in a few weeks, plus Thor and the Avengers on the horizon. This is the most high-profile he’s been since he broke out in 2012, back when we thought he was just a dancing dork, and not the thirstiest theater nerd in the world. It truly was a more innocent time.

Also, backstage Hiddles met up with Eddie Redmayne and his surpremely unimpressed wife, Hannah Bagshawe. She’s not feeling the Try, either.