Thanks to HTC who just emailed me – Twitter is buzzing about a possible hookup between Ryan Gosling and Kat Dennings?

The evidence is nowhere near slamdunk but intriguing all the same. I REPEAT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO SKIM:

Nowhere near slamdunk. But intriguing all the same.

Apparently some due tweeted that he ran into them at Disneyland yesterday. Around the same time Kat’s official Twitter was also updated, indicating that someone special had kidnapped her to Disneyland. She also alludes mysteriously to someone “mysterious”.

Twitter isn’t exactly the best source ever…

But the prospect of Ryan and Kat?


Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Loved her in Nick & Norah. Actually just saw her in another movie this weekend – we took the kids to see Shorts. Shorts is not memorable. But every time Kat comes on you can’t take your eyes off her.

And her body…

It’s delicious and juicy and real and beautiful and so far 23 year old Kat Dennings has resisted the urge to look like every other starved twat in Hollywood.


Ryan likes Kat?

If true…

He has great taste. Snaps.

Photos attached of Kat Dennings at the Shorts LA premiere from
File photos of Ryan Gosling from MATINGAS/