In a rumor that amazingly did not come from an Onion article, MTV’s Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin is supposedly up for the role of Batman in the Man of Steel sequel to be titled either Superman vs. Batman or Batman vs. Superman, depending on which tests better with adolescent males.

Wait, let’s back this up and give it a minute to sink in. Coming on the heels of Christian Bale’s widely admired performance as Batman, Warner Brothers/DC is considering a guy from TEEN WOLF to don the bat suit? My first response is a knee-jerk, “Go home, you’re drunk”, and my second response is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My third response is HAHAHAHAHAHA, but my fourth response is, wait what? Is this who Batman will be now? A pretty boy MTV actor?

They say they want someone in a similar position to where Henry Cavill was at back when he was cast as Superman, but Cavill, though he didn’t have a notable film resume, was at least part of a reputable television show on The Tudors. I’m sure this guy has his fans courtesy Teen Wolf, but let’s not pretend there is any kind of cache here. This type of thinking, it reeks of bargain shopping.

Casting a new Batman should be a big deal. It’s a great role that’s been recently resuscitated after a disastrous turn in the late 1990s by one of the most talented and admired actors of his generation. Good, even great, actors ought to be brawling in the streets for a chance to be the new Batman. But the studio has already set their bar at “teen soap star”. That’s aiming low when they have every ability to cherry pick the best of the best. You can bet when Marvel eventually has to recast Tony Stark, Taylor Lautner won’t be in the running. I just don’t see why I should take this Superman/Batman movie seriously when the filmmakers aren’t either.

(Lainey: is it possible this Tyler person is another Joe Manganiello who made a desperate attempt to be the Man Of Steel and…wasn’t?)