As noted in this post from last month, I did not have nice feelings for the first trailer for One Day. It was sh-t.

A UK version of the trailer has since been released. It’s a lot better. It’s not great, but it’s a lot better. Her accent seems better. Or am I just swayed because the voiceover dude is English? No matter. Whatever the reason, it’s a reason to be optimistic. Now we wait until August.

And I’ve been waiting several days to post this but there haven’t been any new photos of either Anne Hathaway or Jim Sturgess. Anne is in London. She’s been working on The Dark Knight Rises. She was finally photographed in London last night with Giancarlo Giammetti, the long-suffering partner, in life and business, of Valentino. Have you seen Valentino: The Last Emperor? If you have, you know what Giancarlo endures. And he does so happily. Every time Valentino threw down a hissy, it was like the sun came out for me. As you can see, Giancarlo and Valentino, the couple that stays together is orange together.

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