Yesterday I wrote about how Prince Harry was actually in Toronto with Meghan Markle as news was breaking out of London that they are dating. She’s been spending a lot of time in London and was actually with Harry just prior to his trip home with her. And, as noted yesterday, he actually told his advisors about her back in August, a sign that he’s taking care with how she’s integrating into his life. Also a sign that she may be more integrated into his life than initially presumed. Especially since she’s met his dad, Prince Charles. And WHERE she met him.

US Weekly is reporting exclusively that Harry invited Meghan to join him at Balmoral for his birthday party. BALMORAL! For his birthday! With his dad!

That was in September and Harry had many of his close friends and family in Scotland with him to celebrate his birthday. Prince Charles was there and “hosted the couple at his Birkhall residence”. In commoner speak, that’s basically a sleepover approved by your parents. US Weekly’s insiders are calling "the visit a coming out party”. If you’re getting invited to Balmoral, yeah, it’s definitely something.

But again, as I mentioned yesterday, interesting to note that it’s US Weekly, an American publication, that’s getting the lead on all this information before the British papers. The British papers yesterday were focusing on all kinds of dirty angles, dragging a rogue relative,  Meghan’s half-sister, into the story, implying that Meghan’s an opportunist, and even the seemingly innocuous descriptions of Meghan’s life and background have been gross too. Like the Daily Mail, for some reason, had to point out that Meghan’s mother has dreadlocks. It’s not hard to see the subtext. And so it’s not surprising that the leaks are landing in America instead of in England. Might be an indication that Harry is already not happy with the British press not even a week into us knowing about his relationship. And is sending them a warning. You’re not getting anything from me if you keep trying to smear my girlfriend. 

By the way, it was previously reported that Meghan has already met Will and Kate. US Weekly is now clarifying that that hasn’t happened yet:

"Not meeting William and Kate yet has simply been about not being in the same place at the same time," explains an insider. "They will see each other soon."

I wonder if this is a test to see how the British press reacts. To see if by tomorrow they start spinning that Meghan hasn’t met Kate because Kate is jealous/hates her/isn’t taking it seriously. And if so, if Harry’s UK press sh-t list is getting longer.