It’s been pretty stable between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for a while now. But US Weekly reports in its latest issue that there may be some tension between the two. Typically tabloid stories about the two are not all that reliable, especially from the lower tier magazine. US Weekly however isn’t lower tier. And US has generally been pretty favourable towards Brange. There are other reasons too for not writing off this account – we’ll get to that on the other side but first, these are the details.

As you know, Brange owns an estate in the South of France. That’s where they got married. That’s where their wine is produced. Apparently Brad wants to keep it and Angelina wants to unload it. For political aspirations:

Angelina is ramping up her efforts in the political world,' a source told the publication. The Oscar winner has been working with Arminka Helic, the British House Of Lords member. 'They share a similar vision.' said a source. Jolie and Helic have partnered up for a nonprofit based in the UK. And the Maleficent beauty has also been teaching at Helic's alma mater the London School Of Economics.

It looks as if Angelina wants to enter the House Of Lords. Only tax-paying British residents are allowed into the House. 'She wants to sell Chateau Miraval and Brad refuses,' said the source. Pitt owns a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles but it is not known if that is in her name as well and will have to go too. And though Jolie is slated for a Maleficent sequel which Disney confirmed this spring, a source added 'she has turned her back on Hollywood.'

There’s nothing here about cheating. About flirting with Marion Cotillard or thinking about Jennifer Aniston. In fact, what US Weekly is giving us is actually, from a front cover perspective, not all that scandalous – which is why it’s not a blazing cover story. That’s why, in my gossip experience, this is worth considering. The surface boring-ness of the story is precisely why it’s setting off my smutty senses.
This is a portrait of a couple with possibly diverging interests – for her a life of politics. She’s been spending a lot of time with Arminka Helic, a British politician connected to the London School of Economics, perhaps Angelina’s link to securing a visiting professorship there – and certainly an asset to her if she is really wants to join the House Of Lords; Angelina’s language lately has suggested that a political future is not out of the question. Which speaks to lifestyle. And that’s a real thing in a real marriage – differences over lifestyle don’t make for the sexiest, most intriguing gossip headlines but this might be the difference between this particular story about potential Brange unrest and the others. In my experience, it’s also a teaser. Like a lead-in/warmup, to get us positioned and primed for more. I mean there’s no reason to panic, but let’s keep watching.

Here are Angelina and Brad arriving at LAX the other day.