US Weekly reported exclusively yesterday that Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino are together now. Like lovers. Like they went to Cannes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction and stayed in a villa together. She’s been his muse for a long time. Now … more.

Well I guess that means he’s no longer dating that girl who was a plagiarist.

According to US source, “"They had a thing and got together again recently. He's loved her for years." And source tells the magazine, “There has always been an attraction. She has indulged from time to time, and that's how their relationship has always worked." Indulged? They make it sound like Tarantino is a joint she smokes once in a while. Or a line of coke.

So Uma and Quentin would hook up and have sex whenever she was single but she didn’t want him to be her boyfriend. Now though she and Arpad Busson are done and she’s open to, well, making it public, at least.

As you can see, Uma went barefoot on stage at the Palais. Because of Tarantino’s foot fetish…?

Here’s my only thought on this: Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino make sense to me, totally. I just… don’t want to picture it. Is that OK?