All over the outfit. Covet the outfit. And what of the boots? On me? Absolutely not. On me it’s massage parlour employee, tacky ass gel nails and some whitey loser with an Asian fetish pulling over and offering $500 for the mythical Chinese blow. On Victoria Beckham? Love it. Shopping again in LA, just a day after taking the boys to Disney where they were accosted by pappies and poor little Romeo started crying. Not that I’m saying the pappies are justified in harassing celebrities, but at the same time when you eat at The Ivy and you pose at the airport, when you open the publicity door arbitrarily at your own convenience, at some point you might be rescinding your right to complain about it when the people looking in stick a foot out to keep that door open…you know what I mean? Especially when she chooses to wear THIS to Disneyland. Stilettos at an amusement park??? Much as I worship her… Bitch…please. Ever heard of a disguise?? A wig? How about a – gasp! – sweatwhirt with baggy jeans and some trainers? Because if she really didn’t want to be seen, if she really didn’t want to be noticed, if she really just wanted the kids to have a good time, knowing the albatross of their fame and what comes with it, wouldn’t you think she’d try a little harder to go incognito? Just asking… Source