Poor little guy. After being hospitalized several times over the last year, Romeo Beckham has been diagnosed with epilepsy, as revealed by Victoria when they were surrounding by pappies with flash cameras at Heathrow airport last Saturday. When the bulbs starting popping, Romeo apparently “started screaming in terror”, kicking with his legs as one aggressive photographer tried to get a shot from inside his stroller, at which point Victoria “pulled her blond-headed son to her, shielded him from the lights and yelled: "Leave him alone. He"s got epilepsy. All that flashing will start an epileptic fit. You can"t do that!" Several news agencies have now given strict orders to stay away from Romeo and the Beckhams are said to be devastated by the diagnosis, worried about the effects of medication and whether or not Romeo will have to cope with seizures for the rest of his life. Posh has now returned to Madrid with her family after 2 weeks of promo for her style book…which I have YET to receive in the mail!!! But I digress over trivia. Romeo is battling. And, as well documented in my column, Romeo has always been my favourite, my Apple’s future love, pray Goddess he will bounce back beautifully. Source