Brooklyn Beckham, 14, accompanied his mother to the Glamour Awards last night in London. Victoria didn't pose any less hard next to her son. I love this. I love that this is normal for him. To be with his ma, as she's cocking a hip and jutting out a shoulder, flashbulbs going off around them -- that's life as he knows it, as he has known it forever. And now he's ready to take a bigger role in the Beckham brand. I mean, when you show up at an event like this with your teenage boy, this is what it is, isn't it? He is participating in the family business. They start them young, the Beckhams. His sister H7 has been doing it since birth.

It's an interesting age, 14. We have a nephew who's just a few months older than Brooklyn. First of all it's freaking me out that he's so much taller than me now. And that we primarily communicate by text message -- what is this world? One day I picked him up at school. A few other students walked out before him, some girls. Their shorts were so...short! I wondered what it was like, being 14, surrounded by such short shorts all the time. This is not something you talk to your aunt about. Is it something you talk to your mother about? Is it something Brooklyn is talking to his mother about?