Mr and Mrs Beckham found themselves in the same city at the same time on Friday night – it’s been hard for the couple to spend quality time together these days…so they took the opportunity to go out for dinner and get photographed in London.

Knowing however that the tabloids have been consumed these days by Madonna’s divorce – the Beckhams made it past the cursed 7 years – Posh pulled out the conversation stoppers, just in case added insurance was required for publication.

Her shoes.

Spike studded S&M Louboutins … in metallic pink! You likey?

Unfortunately for Victoria, even the sexually suggestive footwear can’t wash away the distinct scent of androgyny that surrounds her these days. Unless of course animé porn is your thing and carnal cartoons get you off. Kinda like those plushy people.

Or… now that she’s styling her hair all Lance Bass-ish, maybe it’s not so much Posh Animé as it is Posh Boy Bander or an Animé series about an Animé Boy Bander from Britain?

Also attached – another series of photos taken the next day. After dinner in London, David and Victoria returned home to LA. Victoria dressed down with leggings, plain Louboutins, and a killer hat.

Meanwhile, as usual, David is rocking my loins wearing his jeans and hoodie pulled up and his face all fierce and grumpy. Why is it that their former employees managed to steal her clothing but couldn’t manage to find the sex tape?

A Posh sex tape would be the greatest. Can you imagine her working her angles on a sex tape? Bet your boob job their sex tape was probably shot by Steven Meisel with a million dollar budget.

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