Is H7 tipping the doorman here?

This picture is cracking me up. I would totally open the door for H7. For free!

Here she is leaving a members’ club in London today with her mother and earlier in the day on a walk with her father in Notting Hill. She seems to like sticking her hand in people’s faces. This is very cute and I love her so much.

In other Beckham news, a few of you have sent me this link to a story about Posh finally, after years and years of desperately trying to get on the cover of US Vogue, realising her dream. But wait...

The source is The Daily Star. In other words, the source is sh-t.

Anna Wintour’s happy place is withholding the cover of Vogue from Victoria Beckham. Do you think Anna Wintour is ready to give up her happy place? One of the great pleasures of her life?

Well, that depends. What would Posh have to give up in return?

You know what would be really, really, REALLY funny?

If Anna said yes. On the condition that Posh SMILE WIDE WITH TEETH in every.single.shot.