Yesterday wasn’t just April Fool’s Day. It was also the day Vin Diesel’s hand and footprints were immortalised at the Chinese theatre, followed by the premiere of Furious 7.

He’s the man!

I don’t like this phrase. It’s so corny. Like you’re supposed to be delivering it with a goofy thumbs up. But,I don’t know, here, about him, look at him, it seems fitting. Because, strangely, more and more, Vin Diesel is becoming so earnest. While earnestness isn’t one of the sexiest qualities, especially not in the age of cynicism, it’s sometimes unfairly maligned. Vin’s earnestness is increasingly endearing to me. I don’t think he’s any different when he’s away from the spotlight than when he’s in the spotlight. Maybe that’s the ultimate con.

So about Furious 7

It’s already broken Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s April pre-sales record from last year. So there is no doubt that this weekend a LOT of people will be making Vin and Universal a LOT of money. A LOT of you are probably going to see it too. Some of that probably has to do with honouring Paul Walker. But also… having watched the last one a couple of months ago, they’ve actually become a lot of fun, these Fast Furious movies. Part of that fun is saying, Oh COME ONNNNNNNN whenever a car turns into an airplane and spins into the ocean and comes back up the surface and still drives, whatever. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of “elite” level, prestige pictures that don’t even bother with the kind of diversity that the Fast Furious franchise has managed. This “family” as Vin’s character Dom often calls it is representative and inclusive. He would tell you that that’s one of the reasons they keep rolling. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that the 8th movie is apparently already in pre-production.


The critics don’t hate it. Furious 7, at press time, is getting solid reviews. 83% on Rotten Tomatoes so far. So tell me. Are you going this weekend?