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Benedict Cumberbatch covers the new issue of Vanity Fair which, I guess, makes sense because Doctor Strange is coming out in a month and Marvel is money. But that doesn’t mean he’s the magazine’s best celebrity interview this month. Warren Beatty is the magazine’s best celebrity interview this month – in a comprehensive article that’s as gossipy as we’ve come to expect (and hope) from Vanity Fair. The world has changed though. Warren Beatty doesn’t make the front page anymore, even though, seriously, the interview is front page-worthy. And offers something for everyone. For Vulture, it was finding out that Warren Beatty eats at California Pizza Kitchen. For others, it was what he had to say about his son Stephen, now 24 years old, who is transgender. For me, well, a few things. I love the filler bits that in and of themselves have all kinds of backstory, like when he’s driving around with the writer and pointing out where all the old movie stars used to live… including Roz Russell! That would be Rosalind Russell, the star of one of my favourite classic Hollywood films, Howard Hawks’s His Girl Friday. When you read a detail like that, you immediately start wondering whether or not young Warren used to hang at Roz’s. And, you know, make her feel good.

Because, as you know, he’s had his share. Which is another thing that comes up, super casually, throughout the piece. Warren’s reputation is so ...established…that he seems totally comfortable just dropping in stories about his affairs – but as anecdotal detail when describing other events. Example: oh, you know that time we landed on the moon? Well I almost missed it because Edie Sedgwick came over wearing nothing under her coat so, obviously, we had to get down. Or the reason why he’s so obsessed with Howard Hughes (he plays him in his new film, Rules Don’t Apply) – because one night, when he was bootycalling yet another woman at a hotel, Howard’s bodyguards were all over the place occupying several suites and bungalows and he was curious about why Howard Hughes would need so many suites and bungalows.

At one point, Warren and the writer meet up in a hotel dining room full of photos of famous people. And they basically play a game of “yes or no, did you sleep with her?” while pointing to the portraits of the notable women on the walls. It’s a shrug for him. And then came Annette Bening who changed everything. Which, of course, only added to the fantasy of it all: that for every Casanova there is The One. I’m actually kinda mad at him for this. For making an exception the impossible dream. That dream keeps so many people in relationships they really shouldn’t be in.

Click here to read the full Vanity Fair interview with Warren Beatty.

And a quick note about scheduling – it’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Unless some major sh-t goes down, we’ll be dark on Monday and back to regular blogging on Tuesday.

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