Safe to say now that Boyhood is the clear Best Picture frontrunner for the Oscars now, right? The Globes don’t necessarily accurately predict Oscars. But they certainly can influence Academy members to pay more attention to the films and actors that they honour. So Ethan Hawke is most definitely going to the Oscars. And Ethan Hawke will not be all Joaquin Phoenix about it either. No, Ethan will PARTICIPATE. He might even get a little smug. Oh come on. You know Ethan Hawke. You know he has it in him. Ethan Hawke has had to sit behind Leonardo DiCaprio for a long time, waiting to show you that he could do the same. He’s been doing the same. It’s just that, well, Leo stood on a boat and spread out his arms. You do know that Ethan auditioned for that too, right?

But if it’s all going so well, why is he trying to kill Matthew McConaughey’s buzz?

Did you see that moment? Before one of the commercial breaks, the camera cut to Ethan bitching about…something… while McConaughey was trying to enjoy the crest of his high. You don’t want to be That Guy. That Guy who comes around pissing on everyone’s good vibes. Is Ethan Hawke That Guy? I didn’t think he was That Guy.