Wait, is it?

Hold up. Just need to find a pen.

OK, yes, it is.

64 is the age of Steven Tyler.
19 is the age of Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint.

Here’s what the photo agency says went down last night:

“NEW COUPLE ALERT? Steven Tyler aged 64, arrives to the Little Door restaurant with 19 year old Francesca Eastwood in Los Angeles, who look like they don't want to be pictured together. The pair are said to have joined Jim Carrey and Russell Simmons for dinner inside. A friend of Francesca's politely asked the photographer to delete the pictures of Tyler and Francesca as it was hinted that she wanted to keep the dinner date a secret.”

If the friend doesn’t make the request, it might not have become a thing. Now it’s a thing. Or a maybe thing. I mean, they could very possibly have been just out for dinner together, like, platonically. The kids sure have changed these days though. When I was 19, that would not have been my idea of a fun night out, hanging with a 64 year old, no matter who he was.

Not even a rock star?

Not even a rock star.

But there’s so much to learn from a rock star! Professional development!


So our two options are:

1.Francesca Eastwood was there for career advice and nothing more.


2.Francesca Eastwood, reality tv show personality and aspiring actress, and Steven Tyler may have been on a date.

Which option sounds more plausible?

45, by the way, is still 10 years more than the age of Liv Tyler, his daughter. You want to sh-t on Taylor Swift for inappropriate romancing, you might want to start here first, if that is in fact what’s happening. And if it is indeed happening, can we get a camera on Clint Eastwood, please?